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New Lash Extension Sets

Classic Full Set - $175

Say goodbye to fussing with mascara and hello to waking up gorgeous! Classic lashes are single strand individual extensions applied one by one to each natural lash. These are great for those who have a good natural base of lashes already and want to go longer and/or thicker and curlier. You can customize your look with a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and curls; from the natural look that will have people wondering how you've been so blessed, to the daring and dramatic look that will catch everyone's eye.

Volume Full Set - $263

Volume lashes are multiple, very fine, lightweight single strand individual extensions hand-arranged into a beautiful fan and applied to the natural lash. Up to 15 lashes can be placed on one natural lash. Great for those who have more sparse lashes or gaps in the lash line, or those who just want a soft, fluffy look, or that love a super volumous look. You can customize your look with a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and curls; so you can choose whether you want a natural or dramatic effect.

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Hybrid Full Set - $219

Hybrid lashes are a cross between classic and volume lashes. They are typically a 50/50 mix of volume and classic lashes, but the ratio can be customized after talking to your lash artist to determine what works best for you. This set can give you the best of both worlds when it comes to classic and volume. You'll get a nice textured look from the variety of thicknesses in less time than a volume full set, while still getting the advantages of fanned lashes that can help cover any gaps as your lashes naturally shed before your next fill.

New Client Fill - $116

If you already have lashes on from another salon, we highly recommend you select this option. Without being able to see the current state of your lashes, its difficult to determine how much time we will need to get them full and we'll need to ensure you don't have any lashes that were applied improperly and will damage your natural lashes and have to be removed. Choosing this option will ensure you get a great result that you're happy with!

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Fills are time-based, so they apply to both Classic and Volume lashes.

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Mini Fill - $45

30 Minutes

For those that like coming every 2 weeks or just need a quick touchup.

Regular Fill - $87

60 minutes

Ideal for Classic Lashes at about 3 weeks or Volume Lashes at about 2 weeks.

Full Fill - $116

90 minutes

Ideal for Volume Lashes at about 3 weeks or for anyone who wants their lashes topped off super full! More time, more lashes applied. Also great for those who like to wait longer between fill. (For return clients only)

Other Services

Lash Removal - $30

The safe way to remove your lash extensions if you want them removed for any reason. Will not damage your natural lashes this way. No charge if the removal is for an allergic reaction.

Lash Tinting - $20

The perfect fix for lashes that just aren't dark enough. A great add on to those who have eyelash extensions and blonde lashes to get a fuller, darker, effect that can go a little longer between fills.

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