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About Us

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Lashes by Alexa is a lash studio in Salt Lake City, UT, offering professional single strand (classic) and multi-strand (volume) eyelash extensions, as well as eyelash and eyebrow tinting.

We help women who don't have time to be high maintenance.

Women who have better things to do than spend 20 minutes or more every morning putting on makeup so they can look put together and presentable.

Women that deserve to feel beautiful, no matter their age, because THEY ARE.

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Lashes done better

We believe every woman deserves a great set of lashes

Lashes are an art form. It takes great skill to apply lashes that not only don't damage your natural lashes, don't fall out prematurely, and don't look fake, but that also complement your natural features and face shape.

Meet the Team

Certified Eyelash Extension Artists


Alexa Williamson


  • Alexa founded Lashes by Alexa in January 2012, just after graduating from beauty school at Paul Mitchell The School, making the Dean's list and graduating with honors in every category. 

  • ​Deciding that doing hair just wasn't her passion, she moved on to doing only eyelash extensions, and found that lashes were her true calling. 

  • Starting from a humble spare room in her house, she quickly grew her clientele and moved to a booth rental spot in a prominent lash studio. 

  •  In 2014, she was one of the first artists in Utah to be certified in Russian Volume lashes by Nadia Afanaseva, a multiple 1st place winner of the Russian Lash Competition, judge for the first two lash competitions in the US, and celebrity lash artist.

  • In 2015, Alexa was a finalist in the 2015 Minky’s Lash Games.

  • By 2016, she had developed her own specialized technique that allowed lashes to be applied faster and more accurately than the traditional technique, resulting in lashes that are fuller and last longer between fills in less time.

  • In August 2018, after much searching, she finally had found the perfect location to open her very own lash studio. In April 2019, she hired her first girl to help take on clients. Alexa continues to seek better techniques and products to this day.



Alexa does amazing work! I have very fine blonde lashes that get weighed down easily. I tried a couple of other places for eyelash extensions, and they would always end up being too heavy and pulling out my natural lashes. I've been going to Alexa for 3 years now, and I'll never let anyone else do my lashes! She can get even my thin, wimpy lashes to look full and beautiful. She is always doing her research also, to make sure she is using the best products, and doing everything in the most efficient way with the best results. Alexa is very flexible with appointments, and super friendly. I look forward to seeing her every few weeks!

Audrey Smith


Alexa is seriously AMAZING. I came to her from another lash tech and explained what I was looking to achieve and with a few words, that's all she needed! I was looking for the cat eye effect with a hybrid set and she absolutely delivers it. I see her every 2-3 weeks, and my retention is amazing!! If you want a set of extensions that lasts and looks GORGEOUS, you will adore Alexa as much as I do!!

Guineviere Taylor


Alexa does a great job! She takes great care to give you the look you want and is a perfectionist. She makes sure that each lash is placed where it should be and where it will stay put. She is very relaxed and easy to talk to. A good experience overall!

Gerolyn Thatcher

Our Values


Above all else, we believe in always being fair and honest with clients; whether that's admitting when you've made a mistake and fixing it, or only recommending a product or service we truly believe will benefit you.

Health & Safety Come First

We value your health and happiness more than money. We do not believe in applying extensions that are too heavy and could damage your natural lash.

Never Cutting Corners

We believe in taking the time to always make sure results are perfect. We aim to fill every lash for long lasting and full results, which means you don't have to come in for fills as often.

Always Striving For Improvement

The moment you decide you're an expert with no more to learn, is the moment you stagnate and become mediocre. We believe there's always something more to learn or improve on.

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