Service Info and Pricing

Up to 2 hours 30 minutes

For those who crave a full, dramatic look. 90-95% of lashes are covered with extensions, resulting in a voluminous, long lasting look. Ideal for those who love their lashes super full or who like to be able to go longer between fills.

Up to 2 hours

For those that like a more natural, flirty look. 75% of lashes are covered with extensions, resulting in an instantly beautiful, hassle-free look. No need to worry about mascara bleeding or clumping anymore! Wake up instantly gorgeous.

Up to an hour and 15 minutes

Ideal for the Diva Set, or those who had a glamour set and would like to step up to the Diva set. More time, more lashes applied. Also great for those who like to wait longer between fills!

Up to 45 minutes

Ideal for the Glamour Set. Lash extensions require regular fills to maintain. The average amount of time people need to get a fill is 3 weeks.