About us

My name is Alexa Williamson, and I'm a licensed cosmetologist and certified in eyelash extensions since May 2011. I started Lashes by Alexa back in January 2012 right after graduating from Paul Mitchell hair school. Though I like doing hair, eyelashes have always been my favorite thing to do. I'm a perfectionist and an artist when it comes to doing lashes. Every lash must be in its place without clumps or gaps and just the right length and curl.

Doing eyelashes is highly skilled work, and you don't want someone near your eyes with pointed tweezers and glue who doesn't know what they're doing. Unlike others who only do eyelash extensions every now and then, I do lashes full time. It's all I do. After doing hundreds of sets of eyelashes, I can confidently say the work I do is high quality. I'm never satisfied unless you are 100% happy.

I now do lashes in my own studio, located at 1817 South Main Street, Suite 12, SLC, UT, 84115. In this professional, relaxing atmosphere, you can be at ease knowing you chose someone qualified with an expertise in eyelash extensions. You can expect to lie down in cushy, comfortable bed and close your eyes and relax for an hour and a half to two hours while I work. A lot of my clients are so relaxed they fall asleep during the procedure! After I'm done, you'll wake up with beautiful, long and gorgeous eyelashes that bring out your eyes and make you look like a goddess everyday without having to wear makeup!

If you have any questions about eyelash extensions, visit theĀ FAQ.

To schedule an appointment, you can call or text me at 801-839-LASH (5274) or schedule an appointment onlineĀ here.